Monday, June 23, 2008

It Is Official!

Baton Rouge, LA -- At approximately 5 p.m. central, the Louisiana House adopted Senate Bill 6 -- proposed by Democrat Senator of New Orleans, Edwin Murray -- 66 to 33, which made Sazerac [Sa-zer-ac] the official state cocktail of Louisiana. Sazerac is believed to be the original cocktail in American created by a Haitian pharmacist in New Orleans from a variety of bitters, mixed with cane sugar, French brandy, and absinthe in the early part of the 19th century. When brought to the table for consideration, a number of house members made tongue-in-cheek comments and questions about Senate Bill 6 including, "What does it taste like?", "How do you say the name of that drink?", "Can you describe the taste of the drink for me?" and "I'll vote for it if [a certain northern house member] says the name of that drink with his Northern Louisiana drawl."

After this hard day debating this crucial bill, there is no doubt that Louisiana Legislators should vote themselves a pay raise that they apparently deserve.

I propose that Marlboro be named the offical cigarette of the state, hand-rolled-cigars the offical state cigar, Dixie the official state beer, charmine the official state toilet paper, and Popeyes the official state fast-food resturant.

1 comment:

James H said...

LOL, I thought this bill died in the legislature

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