Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Myth of Boy Hood

An interesting article:
Picture a world where your father walks with you down a starlit road, pausing to point out Orion. He recites Robert Frost, knows how a battery works—and all the rules about girls. "The Dangerous Book for Boys," by brothers Conn and Hal Iggulden, is peaking on Amazon's best-seller list (No. 5 last week) by recalling just that world. The compendium of trivia, history and advice is geared toward preteen boys, but it's found a surprising audience in men in their 30s and 40s, too. The book's marbled endpapers, archival illustrations and dry, humorous tone ("excitable bouts of windbreaking will not endear you to a girl") offers a portal back to a time of "Sunday afternoons and long summer days."

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Nadja said...

I'm a mother of 4 young boys, ages 2 to 7, and I got that book as a Father's Day gift for my husband last year. It is full of all the good stuff of boyhood. And "tomboyhood": my 9 year old daughter enjoys some of the sections as well.

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