Friday, August 08, 2008

Top-Ten Things Over Heard at White Linen Night

Top- Ten Things over heard at White Linen Night.
  1. This painting is so Kafka-esque.
  2. I wonder what Salvador Dali would say?
  3. This work is part of the hermeneutic devaluing of the postmodern dictum.
  4. Well, I agree, but he just isn't post modern enough for me.
  5. A whole gallery based on his wife's vagina is such an expression of the love he has for her.
  6. It looks like someone threw up on this canvas.
  7. Clearly it is a real expression of the struggle of man verses machine.
  8. This color scheme is so very avant-garde.
  9. The medium is all wrong for this message. He should have used plaster of Paris.
  10. WTF!?
I really don't get some of this modern art stuff . . . or is it post modern art stuff? I don't know. But placing a rock on an elevated platform and filling a room with Katrina trash takes very little artistic talent, and the reason no one thought of it before was because everyone before knew there was no artistic value in doing such a thing.

Oh, the image in the top right is done by me. It is called Shadow Man from Behind. It is ink on paper, and I will gladly rip it out of my notebook for you for the low low price of $750; however, the other side has some of my notes on it -- that's part of the art too. The art is numbered 1/1 and signed. Please leave an annotation (comment) below if you are interested. Heck, leave a comment even if you aren't interested.


Foxfier said...


I'm listening to the psychic ads for Midnight: Coast to Coast right now...

And they still make more sense than modern art.

Paul Cat said...

Yeah, no one found it funny when I came across a silhouette of a man done using small sticks from trees and yelled, "Hey look! A stick man!"

Nadja said...

How about a 2 foot high glass beaker filled with the ashes of a whole gallery full of "post modern art" entitled, Inspiration?

Adoro said...

Hmmm..I might be interested in that art. Did you have a lot of Freudian influence, perhaps trying to make a statement about the independence of Man in a feminized world that overshadows the masculine animus?

Imagine! THAT'S avant-garde, a new era of post modernist thought that highlights the sacred masculine. Even the notes on the back...that is SO...guy!

Larry Denninger said...

$750?? What are you trying to do, pay off your college bills?

Funny stuff as usual, Paul. I, too, my modern art pretty uninspiring and, well, just plain stupid. I can take an unclean dinner plate with a couple pieces of food stuck to it, crisscross my knife and fork and call it modern art, and possibly get a grant from the NEA.

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