Tuesday, September 30, 2008


[Currently preparing a meditation/presentation for a retreat tomorrow for some 10th graders. While preparing, it reminded me of something I wrote in one of my undergrad classes. I think I was reading a lot of apophatic theology at the time.]

Silence isn’t golden.
It is nothing,
but that nothing
is something,
which is silence
that is nothing.

It is by an absence of all things
that brings it forth
creating from nothing
that which is.
Silence is something,
which lacks everything,
making it nothing.

It is this thing, this nothing
that is complex enough
to reach down and touch
the “essence” of life—
to tickle the fibers of being,
and raise us up
from the lowest depths
set us gently
upon a pedestal
and speak:
an ahhhh of relief
a sigh of joy
a sign of peace
a sonus non praesentarius.

It is nothing
that I do not understand—
how it exists
and how it existed:
before man,
before time,
before the crashing of the cosmos,
(There is something that is naught.)

In the beginning was silence,
and the silence was with God,
and the silence was God
orchestrating the heavens
through symphonies to souls
in the most beautiful aria
of an unheard voice: Vocis Dius: Silence

If you have ears use them,
and all you have to do…
is listen.

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