Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Hypostatic Union, 8th graders and 10,000%

Jesus was fully man and fully divine.
Student 1: SO he was like 50% human and 50% God?
Me: No, no, no. He was 100% human and 100% Divine. He was fully both.
Student 2: How is that possible? Is he [Jesus] like 200%?
Me: Sort of, but not quite. We can't just add the percentages together. It's part of the mystery of our faith. It is a paradox.
Students 2: What if we multiplied them? [referring to the percentages and at the same time trying to be funnny]
Student 3: Woah! That's like 10,000%!

For more on a different analogy and explanation of the Hypostatic Union go here.

1 comment:

beez said...

Wouldn't 100% times 100% equal.... 100%

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