Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Teenage Boys Squirm at the Lack of Physical Contact

Whenever I go for a weekend and lead a Junior retreat for my high school at which I work, I like to show the movie The Power of One to the students attending the retreat. It is very powerful movie and ties into the second day's theme: Man of Faith/Man for Others.

Anyway, this movie is turning into a comedy for myself. Not so much the movie itself, but the reaction 30 Juniors in High School (all boys) have to this movie. My favorite reaction from the juniors is when the main character meets a girl, falls in love with the girl, has long conversations with the girl, and is completely head over heals for her. The director makes for several scenes in the movie when one would expect for the two lovers to kiss: the light is dim, there is no one around, and they have been having what seems to be a long and intimate conversation.
However, every time this happens in the movie the main character leaves, and he departs leaving the girl untouched and unkissed. The part the guys don't understand is why he never kisses the girl. I laugh at this because many of the boys can't seem to comprehend having a girl friend and not spending hours behind the dumpster making out with her, groping her, or having sex with her. It is particularly funny with the above scenes pass and no physical contact happens; it is an outrage to the juniors: "Moron!" "What!" "Aww come one!" "You have her where you want her!" They literally squirm in their seats due to the lack of sex and physical contact between the main character and the girl he loves.

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Mary Liz said...

Huh. I hadn't heard of that movie. Sounds great. I'll have to find it.
Thanks, Paul!

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