Monday, January 26, 2009

SMC Monologues

This is interesting. [From Article]
For the fifth year in a row, Saint Mary's College will present "SMC Monologues," a production based off Eve Ensler's "Vagina Monologues," but containing stories written by Saint Mary's students.

Ensler's production brings women's sexuality to the forefront, and the "SMC Monologues" intend to do the same.

"Students have wanted to facilitate discussion about topics relevant to women's sexuality because of the many students' commitment to the goal of raising awareness about issues related to sexual assault," said Catherine Pittman, Saint Mary's psychology professor and advisor to the SMC Monologues.

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Anonymous said...

To think I almost went there...Thanks be to God I went to a school that actually fulfills their mission. Oh, wait, nevermind...Although the college is "Catholic," the mission of the school is to "create an open forum in which students freely and critically study the rich heritage of the Catholic tradition, raising the questions necessary to develop a mature religious life." I guess you have pointed out one of the "questions." After all, talking about one's vagina publicly is definitely necessary to developing a mature religious life.

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