Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jesuit Obedience and the Legionaries of Christ

My Co-worker Nathan, with whom I share a desk and who is also a Jesuit and who is also a great help with the campus ministry retreats, wrote something while on Mardi Gras break, and Catholic Exchange picked it up today. I had no idea my co-worker even had a blog. Well, you learn something every day.

His article is worth the read. His article is titled "Jesuit Obedience and the Legionaries of Christ". The same article can be viewed at Catholic Exchange also. I know from my experience with LC/RC, as I did much with them in college for it was really the only place I could go to get any kind of Catholic formation that was not based on feelings and sharing, that he makes very valid points and sound observations. I will say that the RC/LC retreats that I went on were some of the best retreats I have ever attended thus far. The LC priest had a way of giving spirituality, prayer, and Catholicism a masculine appeal in a manner that was not against the world but for the world and for Christ. I often heard it said by this LC priest in my area that (and I do paraphrase here) we should be doing all things for Christ and for the love of Christ. No matter how big or small -- like St. Therese the Little Flower.

Since getting this little bit of spiritual advice that I have probably hear 100 time from parish priests but for whatever reason never stuck till this LC priest said it, I often find myself saying the phrase "For the Love of Christ" when I am faced with something I do not feel like or want to do. It certainly puts things back into perspective.

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