Thursday, April 30, 2009

Notre Dame Being Catholic

As an alumnus of the Universtiy of Notre Dame I often just roll my eyes when people start talking about ND not being an authentically Catholic school because the people making those comments are the people who never hear about the authentically catholic stuff that the University actually does and how more often than not the Univeristy's practices are in line with orthodoxy. They only read the headlines, and Eucharistic Processions and adoration never makes the CNN news.

Here is one of those authentically catholic practices that is going on at that supposedly inauthentically catholic university.


Jeff Stone said...

As an Alum, you certainly know a great deal more about the character of the University of Notre Dame.
However, there does seem to be a definite divide in the actual character of the school and how she is presented to the public.

As an "outsider", I am grateful to find out that there is still a Catholic presence at America's most well known school of higher learning named in honor of Our Blessed Mother.

Thank you for reminding us what her real mission is.

May God bless you and keep you

S said...

Paul - I think the major problem is not that ND has forsaken all things Catholic. The problem is the mixed message. Honoring the most pro-abortion president in the history of the United States implies honoring of his positions. Whether the case or not, it sends mixed messages, and makes for questionable decisions by the university.

Your observations certainly do help to balance the coverage, and should offer hope to those that are ready to wrote off ND. Thanks for posting this.

Unknown said...

As I current Notre Dame student, and an Alum:
Notre Dame does a DAMN good job of being catholic:

- over 100 mass per week at Notre Dame, IN (probably the most masses/area/week in the world) this city includes the campuses of Holy Cross College, Saint Mary College, and Notre Dame. At least one of the weekly masses is a Latin Mass.

- 46 chapels on campus (not counting Holy Cross and Saint Marys) with at least two (probably 3) being constructed.

- Notre Dame currently has 17 undergrad seminarians

- Have ordained 10 priest in the past 4 years.

- have confession available 3 times a day

- Has adoration available everyday during the school year

- Graduates, teaches, and trains great Catholics like Paul Cat

- There are at least 2 different places on campus where you can go to do the liturgy of the hours, and this does not include the seminary and the priest residence.

These are just concrete examples. You only fully realize how Catholic this place is by being here.

This place is truely beautiful, and frankly, I am getting spoiled with all the wonderful catholic things here.

Notre dame is really loving, and does not cram religion down your throat. They also teach you honeslty about the other opinions which differ than our, which is really important for catholics so that we can truely articulate why we do not believe in those things.

They do not fund birth control for any of the staff. They do not invest in any companies that are against Catholic teaching with there billion dollar endowment. They fund Catholic missionaries all over the world. The liturgies in the Basilica are outstanding and inspirational. (you can check these out on the Hallmark Channel). 10am sunday.

Wonderful catholic art around campuses. etc, etc, etc.

AndreaM said...

Yeah, I have 2 cousins who just graduated from ND and they are well formed in their faith and took advantage of the faithful events at ND.

But they were that way before they ever set foot on campus.

The problem is that when error is made at a nonreligious institution - as in allowing the vagina monologues or granting a law degree to a man who is so vociferously opposed to God's natural law - it is expected and it does not necessarily influence someone seeking the truth of God.

However when a University which claims to espouse the truth of Christ then allows lies and hatred in as well - toting it as "another point of view" - it can cloud the truth and confuse the most sincere God-seeker - because it seems to tolerate and even welcome these lies. I have personally had a much longer road Home to Rome thanks to (as a young person) hearing false teaching from a Catholic (but severely ignorant of Church teaching) teacher.

This seems to be one of the ills of our society - that everything is looked at as simply an opinion, and telling the truth about God is considered "cramming" instead of "enlightening"!

I'm not that old. I grew up in this quagmire too. But it's time to stand up for the Truth!

At least that's my opinion...

Glenna said...

PLEASE see Bishop Burke's speech to the Catholic Prayer Breakfast last week. He speaks the Truth about NDU.

Unknown said...

@G: Link? What are his main points or Truth that he speaks about UND?

I think the main point that Paul is trying to express here is that Christians should be more loving and respectful. Yes Obama and Notre Dame are not perfect. Is it our responsibility as Christians to go around condemning them and pointing out their flaws? Should we at least not point out the positives as well, which are abundant and being overlooked?

Matthew 7:3

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