Monday, May 04, 2009

Adventures of Frick: Immaculate conception

I use these little cartoon characters (Frick and Frack) to help teach my 8th graders theology. It it really a gimmick I use to try and trick them into learning. Sometimes it works. Other times it just give the students a change in pace. Well, we are covering Mary in class right now and seeing that every doctrine about Mary is based upon Christ I thought I would try to use Frick and Frack to help explain the Immaculate Conception. What does the Immaculate Conception tell us about Christ? Simple, that God saves all people even if not born into the state of original sin. I tried to demonstrate it below in the cartoon. God can save a person after then fall into the mud of original sin, or God can save a person before they fall into the mud of original sin. Either way Mary still needed salvation from God. Just not the same kind of salvation that you and I need. The Immaculate conception also shows the immanence power, grace, and glory of God. That is, that God Himself is not hampered by the fallen state of the world. Though he is not hampered by it, we have a tendency to hamper God's work because we are dumb. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

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