Monday, May 18, 2009

Barack O'Dame

I was thinking last night. What would have been the reaction if Obama, while at the commencement speech, had taken his place to begin his commencement address for the class of 2009 at Notre Dame, and instead of saying what he did said something else in turn. Here is my imagination, and I think it would have put Obama in a better light than he realized had he done it differently.

"Ladies and gentlemen, new alumni of Notre Dame of the class of 2009, It is an honor and a privilege to speak at one of the great universities of America.

. . . (He says all his plaudits and moves to the end of his speech)

Many of you have heard me speak at length before about the difficulties of life. The struggles we all face as Americans when trying to work together, to find the common ground, to unify, to be America. It is never without strife and turmoil that goods in life are achieved. If a goal is truly worth having, truly worth obtaining, then you must be willing to fight for it, to run the good race, to be read to endure to the end. It also mean that you must know when to walk away. As not every fight is your fight. Not every struggle is your struggle.

This brings me to my next point. Like I said, it is an honor to be here speaking to the Notre Dame community. However, I also know that a house divided cannot stand. A house divided is no house at all. To some extent, my visit to this university, and what I am doing now, has been the cause of great controversy in America. I have seen the letters from bishops to Father Jenkins. I have read the blogs and the papers and have watched all the news stories. I have been briefed on the problem at hand and wish not to cause more problems for an institution that has so supported America in it's educating the population.

Though I speak here with honor, I cannot out of good conscience, out of the fear of causing confusion and strife among the the Catholics and Christians in America, accept the I honorary law degree from this fine academic institution, as I know that Christianity if far too big and too encompassing to be placed into one political field."

I do wonder what the reaction would have been. As I see that it would have only be to his advantage to do such a thing. Just because one is bestowed with an honorary degree that does not mean that he is obliged to take it.


DMinor said...

He practically set the stage for your scenario in his commencement speech at Arizona State University. ASU did not give him an honorary degree because he had yet to achieve much. He replied "I come here not to dispute the suggestion that I haven't yet achieved enough in my life,. . . ."

"CAPTAIN DAVE" said...

Those who dislike President Obama would still find reason to criticize him if he turned down the honorary degree -- "What, he thinks he's too good for an honorary degree from ND?"
Frankly, I wish colleges and universities would stop granting them. They mean nothing. Besides, the President already earned a JD from Harvard Law School - magna cum laude. What's he gonna do with an "Honorary Doctor of Law" degree? Give me season tickets to ND Football instead!

Smiley said...

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