Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Geaux to France

Bags not quite packed and I'm not quite ready to go, but I bit the bullet and am finally getting to Europe after canceling several planned trips during my college years. I'll be in France for three weeks in July. My main goal is to eat cheese, drink wine, read, and visit some holy sites, but mostly eat cheese and drink wine.

I'm hitting up some of the standards: Lourdes, Paris, D-Day beaches, etc, seeing that I am neither versed in the language or know much about the country I am hoping that some of y'all might be willing to offer some suggestions on places to go, food to eat, and things to see.

I do hope to see St. Bernadette body. A coworker is asking for me to bring back one of her finger nail clippings, apparently they are still growing. All I have to do is figure out how to say, "Excuse me, can you tell when I can find St. Bernadette uncorrupted body, so that I might procure one of her fingernails, which I hear are still being clipped because her nails are still growing even after 120 years after her death?" If you can help me with this phrase, I'd be in your debt.

I also am a fan of St. Louis de Montfort, so I need to figure out where he is located.

Any assistance would be great.


Athanasis Contra Mundum said...

If you are going to Lourdes, then Bayeux and Mont St. Michel are just a short ways away. You can see the Bayeux tapestry which tells the story of the Battle of Hastings where the Normans took over England.
Bon Voyage! Have fun!

R Dengate said...

Funny! Last time I checked, Lourdes was in the south of France, and Bayeux in the north - that's around 600 miles or more, I reckon.

You might find this brief set of France regional guides useful, but at least check your map before following Athanasius contra mundum's advice!

Unknown said...

In Paris, do this:

This bike tour is great. When I went, they had both day and night tour, do both if you can! They are a little costly, but it is totally worth it for many reasons:

1 - Do this tour as soon as you can once you are in town. It quickly orientates you around town, plus it give you a taste of all the tourist destinations so that you can decide which ones seem interesting to you.

2 - they are pretty funny, mostly younger cool people go, so they have fun tourist facts they you would not hear on your standard tour.

3 - if you are traveling alone, it is a good way to meet other people to hang out with while you are in town

Galactic Catholic said...

Wow, France! Hope you get some language help, but I'd go to Fountainbleu Forest to hike if I was you.

Martha said...

Hey! I was just in Paris a couple of months ago. It was beautiful! I was disappointed in Notre Dame. I found it to be dreary and honestly nothing special. I was much more intrigued by Sacre Couer (Sacred Heart). It is beautiful and sits on top of a hill so you get a great view of the city. And you must must must go to the Louvre. It has beautiful religious paintings and was my favorite part of my trip there. Hope you are well!


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