Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Man vs. Ferrell

Even though it is the same premise every episode, I still enjoy watching Bear figure his way of of each episode of Man vs. Wild. I am especially looking forward to this week's episode after learning that comedian Will Ferrell will be trying to survive the Wild with Bear on Tuesday Night (10 p.m. ET, Discovery Channel).

Here is a little preview that the people over at the Discovery Channel linked me to.

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christopher said...

What did you think?

I was pretty disappointed, Will Ferrell was so absolutely exhausted and miserable that he really had no time for comedy. Every time the camera focused in on him and he mulled over what he wanted to say, he either was not funny or his comments were in appreciation of Bear and/or nature. And Bear legitimately seemd to enjoy Will Ferrell, even if he was just babysitting him.

It WAS really good in showing that what Bear is doing (despite whatever editing and help you might think he gets) is truly grueling. I've been through a lot of severe training in my life including both ocean and desert survival, and I can tell you - don't let how easy he makes it seem fool you!

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