Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Total Consecration to Mary . . . for you iPod

UPDATE: I just learned that I left off some of the prayers in part 2. The new prayers have been added and the files is linked accordingly.

Using the text from the people over at, I put the total consecration to Mary in an iPod book format using the notes feature. You can download it here. You must have your iPod enabled as a harddrive/disk storage in order to use the iPod Notes features.

The VERY basic steps to
  1. So download it.
  2. Open your iPod as a storage device.
  3. Unzip the File you just downloaded.
  4. Drag the folder into the "Notes" folder on your iPod.
The prayers are all linked in the notes, so you do the day's readings then click the link on teh bottom to follow it to the prayers for that part.

This is really for the older iPods and not the iPhone or iTouch. THough, I imagine that you can use it in those iPods also.

The format is a little sloppy at the moment. My hope is to go back a clean it up a little bit, but it is usable for the time being. I'm hoping to do begin this is a day or two and do most of it when I am in France.

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