Sunday, July 26, 2009

Incense meets Non-sense

It was a bit strange when I went into this beautiful gothic church in Paris and found such modern art. I have no problems with modern art that is sensible, but this is a little silly. I had no idea what to make of it when I first saw it, and I still have no idea what to make of it. Each stain glass window was to represent one of the 7 sacraments. Your job is to guess which sacrament each window represents. The answers are on the bottom, so don't cheat!

I missed one of the windows, or at least I think I did. They look so much alike I might just be confusing two windows and thinking they to be the same. But Anointing of the Sick is the window that is missing.







Your really do need a Phd in order to make any sense out of these windows. I don't see what is wrong with having windows that makes sense to the normal person. Maybe one day when I am old enough I'll be able to understand the windows better. (scroll down for the answers)

1. Reconciliation/Confession
2. Holy Orders
3. The Eucharist
4. Baptism
5. Confirmation
6. Matrimony


christopher said...


The Ironic Catholic said...


Ah, I'm not going to try it.

Tom said...

Number six is simply indecent.

Tom said...

I have a PhD and they still don't make any sense.

chloesmom said...

Duh ... they all look the same -- formless and tacky! Pity the poor souls who have to sit in church and look at this dreck!

cheekysalsera said...

Hello! I'm not too familiar with Catholic teachings, but when I saw the answers (about what each window was supposed to represent), flwg thoughts came to mind for below 3 windows.

1. Reconciliation/Confession
- Blue represents us / our sin
- Red represents the blood of Jesus
- Purple represents reconciliation of us to God
- White represents purity / that His blood has washed away our sin

3. The Eucharist (it means communion, right?)
There's some kind of organization in the colours and the stained glass pieces, which makes it look like a huge jigsaw puzzle. Whereas the others look like brushstrokes. (Or worse still, messy brushstrokes.) It really brings out the concept of many parts, one body (or many pieces, one window?).

4. Baptism
The blue represents water, and everything else just looks lively. I couldn't help thinking, it's as if upon going thru the waters of baptism, the Holy Spirit brings something in us to life... (a relationship with God, perhaps?)

Hmm :)

Justin Telthorst said...
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