Friday, August 07, 2009

Divine and HUMAN

I often times find myself wondering, "What were the saints really like?" I ask such things because the only experience I truly have of the saints are their writings and the holy images of said saints. So as I result, I sometimes have a view of the saints being separated from the people still here on Earth: very pie in the sky. Granted the goal of the spiritual life and the sacraments is the deitification of humanity the other half the story cannot be ignored. Yet, how exactly does one who is not in Heaven relate to a saint who is in Heaven?

I do not know exactly how to relate, but I take comfort in knowing that all the saints who have walked on this green ground, the same green ground upon which I walk, were also human. They had bodies and that means they had to deal with the same bodily thing that I deal with also: blisters from walking/running too much, bad gas after too much of certain kinds of foods, indigestion, heart ache/break, hunger, cold, the stink that comes along with 3 days of travel with no showers, etc and the list can go on till being blue in the face.

Perhaps I will never know what the saints were really like, but maybe, just maybe, there is still hope for a sinner like me and you.

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Patrick said...

wow. Very nice and thought provoking as well as short and sweet. Hopefully your right about us sinners.


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