Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Adventure in Catechesis #12

Catechist: What did God take from Adam to make Eve?
Student: His sperm?

Part of me wishes stuff like this didn't happen in class, but it does. Sad when it happens, but funny when you are back in the department office.

Thanks Timmy

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Introducing: TheoloGuy

Real Name: John St. Pierre
Occupation: Owner and Manage of Local Bowling Alley
Group Affiliation: Catholics of the Roman Rite
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 194
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black (with white eyebrows)

Powers: The proportional intellect and theological expertise that rivals the greatest of theologians who roam the globe. His "T" sense warns him of approaching theological heresy and heretics. TheoloGuy is able to deliver a 15 minute discourse on the problem of evil in only 5 minutes.

History: In a strange freak accident involving a floor buffer, a cup of coffee, electrocution, and gummie bears in the theology section of the local mega bookstore, mild mannered bowling alley owner John St. Pierre awoke from his accident to find himself covered in theological books, coffee and gummie bears. To his surprise, he found that he had absorbed all the theological understanding of the books that had been covering him and was now able to solve all theological conundrums. At first he used his powers only to discourse with his drunken obnoxious theologically misguided patrons. After learning that changing the mind of a drunk isn't easy, John St. Pierre started volunteering at his local RCIA and you ministry programs and now only uses his powers to hasten the coming of the Kingdom of God.

Allies: TheoloGuy has thought along side some of the greatest thinkers, theologians, and apologists to have lived during the modern error. His favorite theologians include St. Augustine, St. Louise de Montfort, and Jon D. Levenson.

Enemies: Now that would just be uncharitable to list here.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Good Bye Chubby Hubby. Hello Hubby Hubby?

Looks like I can scratch off the list Ben and Jerry's ice cream. No loss to me. I never cared too much for their ice cream.

From the site:
In celebration of the freedom to marry in Vermont officially beginning on September 1, 2009, Vermont-based Ben & Jerry’s is symbolically renaming their iconic flavor ‘Chubby Hubby’ to: Hubby Hubby . . . Join Ben & Jerry’s and Freedom to Marry in advancing awareness about marriage equality by taking any or all of these actions: . .

People really need to understand that equality does not mean sameness. By claiming equality and really meaning sameness does nothing more than lead to confusion and the blurring of boundaries.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Full Body Condoms: The Latest in High School Fashion

If the students can't keep from touching one another we might as well teach them how to be safe. Story Here.
From Story:Chest bumps. High fives. Hugs and handshakes. Glen Cove Middle School students Ali Slaughter and Hannah Seltzer say that's what friends do on the first day of school. But when students in the Nassau community return to school next week, the superintendent will be urging abstinence. Everyone from the tiniest tots to the biggest high school football players will be asked to limit skin-on-skin contact in an attempt to prevent the spread of swine flu when it re-emerges this fall.

"It will [be hard] because you really like your friends and you didn't get to see them," Seltzer tells CBS 2.
What are we learning? That abstinence prevents the spread and transmission of diseases. But really, let us ignore that fact and insist that all students attend class in a bio hazard suit. It could be the latest fashion trend. It can be made in different styles and sizes. Some tart of a celebrity can promote it on TV or in a music video. Twitter about it. Facebook it. Blog it. VidBlog it. Tell the President of the US -- he's all about protection.

Then again, is it really fair that we force students into paranoia by scaring them about disease and then insisting that they hop inside of some synthetic suit that will really only work effectively if one has a lifestyle change (but we won't tell them about the life style change)? Makes sense to me (NOT!).
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