Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It Does Not Make Me Less of an American

If I disagree with how the American governmental system is set up, with a few of the Bill of rights say 1-3, with amendments 13,  19, and 21, with parking tickets, and do not recognize the president of the United States and having any real authority over my actions, decisions, and how I live my life, in fact he means nothing to me as he lives in another state altogether,  and since I am who I am I have taken my Americanism as something that must not be spreed about and shared with others -- as I mentioned before, I do not agree with how the American government is run -- and when I travel I tell people I am from Louisiana and that I am a Louisianian and it is only culturally, coincidentally by parentage that I am American, does this make me less American?

Sen. Kennedy would likely say "no."  I am American as JFK, FDR, and Abe Lincoln.

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