Friday, November 27, 2009

The Zombie Diaries

[With the ever increasingly popular vampire movies and books, mainly the Twilight series and the Vampire Diaries, I though I would begin working on my own tween horror/romance series.  It will be titled the Zombie Diaries and it will tell the story of the forbidden love between an adolescent girl and an a seeming horrific adolescent zombie.  After falling in love with his lurching and bone tickling groans, the girl learns that he is a 'good' zombie and has been misunderstood for all these years.  What makes him a good zombie is that he only eats the brains of tofu plants.  It will be set mostly from the point of view of the boy zombie.  Personally, I think I might be on to something here.  Anyway, here is the first installment.]

Entry 1


Groan. Murrmer. Huurrrmmbheh. fajjfj.  OOOOOhhhnmmmgjrhhhhhh. Opoklouihghhhhhyuhjjkneyupolmbgfh.  Moooooooooaaaaannnnnnn.  Gruuuuunt. Grimmerance. Moan. Moan.  Moan.  Looooosshhuhgroh? BRRRAAAIIINNNSSSSS!  jfjijr momfe dudhyejf. fjffrk.  Hu Muuumorrrrrrrron hogrrrorhn   gurggurugurugur.  Gurgle, gurgle! Ohnouhui tu ruoen uhhhh ohhhhhoooerrssssss.




Ruthie said...

OMG...I haven't been able to stop laughing over this! Love it!

Paul Cat said...

Glad you liked it. I had just finished watching Twilight with my 12 year old cousin and thought, "could a similar story be done with other 'horrific' creatures?" Naturally the zombie was the first to pop in my head, as it appears to be the only monster hollywood has not glorified in some way.

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