Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Polishing Halos and Tuning Our Harps: What the Cahtolic CHurch Teaches About Heaven

Here is a piece on Heaven I wrote, and Catholc Exchange liked it enough to run it as their feature piece for today (Tuesday January 5, 2010).  It's not the most ground shattering, but it is rather catechetical and practical.  After all, I am not Mark Shea or George Weigle.

An Excerpt:
There is a FarSide comic by Gary Larson that depicts a man with wings and a halo sitting on a cloud looking unamused, bored, and with no one else in sight. The caption has the man saying, "Wish I’d brought a magazine." The reader gathers quickly from the man’s garb and location that he is assumed to be in Heaven. In Heaven and bored to wits end.

As humorous as a cartoon Larson gives us, it is telling as to how the modern world views Heaven. Heaven is a place where no fun is allowed and where the dead spend their time polishing their halos, tuning their harps, and sitting around doing nothing. That is, heaven is boredom incarnate and is something not to be desired and sought after; instead, it is a place to be tolerated after one dies. After all, how can a person not be bored without a cell phone, Internet, TV, computer, mp3 player, and the drama of college football?

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