Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brian Regan Explains the Cultural Differences of Pie and IHOP Cathedrals.

This reminds me of the years I spent living in Delaware.  One of my favorite foods to eat up there was a dish called Tomato Pie.  When my friend first asked if I wanted to go grab some tomato pie I thought they meant pie like in blueberry pie or apple pie.  My next thought was, "I'm Italian and eat lots of tomatoes but tomatoes in a pie?  Yuck."  Luckily I had the wrong understanding of what was meant by tomato pie.  Tomato Pie is basically a topping less pizza (that means no cheese also) with a think, garlic heavy, tomato sauce (red gravy if you're from NOLA), kicked up extra spices, herbs, and more.

I've come close to replicating it, but the only person down here in the South that seems to share my enthusiasm about the tomato pie is a friend from New York.  The first time he ate it he said, "Ah, like momma used to make."  Later, I was told by a pizza shop owner in Delaware that tomato pie was a 'poor' person food.  Families made it when they couldn't afford cheese and toppings for pizza.  The owner described the tomato pie as what "grandma used to make."  His grandma was living through the depression, so to me it all made sense.

Anyway, here is Brian Regan talking about Pie and IHop Cathedrals.
Brian Regan - Let's Split a Pie
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