Monday, September 06, 2010

Step Away from the Guitar and No One Gets Hurt

Mike from sent me a link to what he calls, "10 Unintentionally Hilarious Christian Music Video."  Let me, say if there is ever a case for Christianity being a parody of itself, this is it.

My 2 cents on a few of the videos:

"Dogs of Glory" is downright creepy, but to think that someone would find it necessary to paint their face like a dog so that they look  more like a chimaera and praise God by singing "Howl-le-lu-ya" is down right hilarious.  If you want to sleep tonight, just don't watch the video on mute nor in slow motion. 

"The Renewed Mind is the Key to the Christ in Me," complete with fancy footwork and a matching keyboard duo knows and "The Present" and "Truth," reminds me that 95% of Christian music is a decade or more behind the rest of the music industry in terms of style and sound.  Of course the redeeming factor of this video is watching the tall, mullet donning white guy break some nice dance moves that begin at 1:54.

"Jesus is my Friend" by Sonseed is both catchy and funny.  As much as this video and song gets made fun of, the skaish boogie/New wave sound was cutting edge at the time.  Just be sure not to listen too often or you'll find yourself singing "He is like a Mounty, He always gets his man."  The bad news:  according to the editorial review on Barns and Noble these guys are Catholic.

These video's remind me of the episode of Southpark where Cartman forms the Christian band "Faith + 1," in which he parodies the entire Christian music industry by taking popular songs and wherever it says "you" in the song Cartman replaces "you" with "Jesus".

*For those interested: Lord's name is taken if vain a few times*

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Galactic Catholic said...

One of my favorite Southparks, and the one where they hurl Jewish people.

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