Sunday, September 12, 2010

Top 10 Buzz words for youth ministry

1. Awesome
2. Xbox
3. Amazing
4. Sooooooooooo (used as an intensifier often flowed by "awesome" or "amazing")
5. Think about it
6. Crazy (used as an intensifier often flowed by "awesome" or "amazing")
7. Struggles
8. Difficulties
9. Um (or ah)
10. Jesus is my friend

1 comment:

Adoro said...

That is way too true, but you left out a few:

"extreme" (various: Xtreme, Xtrym, etc



Powerful, amazing


Crap. I'm guilty, too, although not of all of the above!

There are others but I'm tired after a long day of youth ministry-related stuff...

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