Sunday, October 24, 2010

October: Month of the Rosary

October is the month of the Rosary.  Like every other Catholic in the world, I own a rosary.  Unlike every other Catholic in the world, I lose them regularly.  When I wasn't busy losing my rosaries I found that the plastic ones fell apart too easily, metal ones I could afford were too fragile and would fall apart after a week or two in my pocket, I could never tell where the decades ended or began on the knotted rosaries, and the ones made of cord and wood beads often resulted in the beads splitting off after an accidental wash. 

Solution:  a rosary ring.  The ring is simple,  easy to use, doesn't fall apart, and since I keep it on my key ring I don't lose it.   There's no special story about it.  No one important or special gave this particular rosary to me.  It's not blessed by the Pope.  I didn't take it on a trip with me.   It didn't help me find my vocation.  The only real story is that I have a rosary ring, and I use it.


owenswain said...

A rosary, a journal and a LAMY pen. A worthy combination. God bless your rosary prayer.

Paul Cat said...

A good combination, in my opinion.

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