Sunday, January 02, 2011

Feed Your Flock: Potential Superbowl Commercial Blasphemous ?

The above is a possible Superbowl commercial for Pepsi and Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest.  My initial reaction is, "Clever, but how crass and low brow to trivialize the Body and Blood of Christ for a mere commercial."  Now the commercial is not exactly focusing on Catholics, but with the use of 'parishioners' in the commercial it narrows it down to a few Christian denominations most of whom view the partaking of the eucharistic offering as something more than a mere snack.

Granted this is only a possible commercial, but what is the commercial doing?  On one level it is trying advertise a product and demonstrate to the populace that their product is good and possibly godly.  Though it might attempt to elevate potato chips and soda to a divine delicacy, ambrosia in which man might partake, what message is this commercial sending to the populace about church?  Church is boring.  Church is not interested in preaching the Word of God but only getting butts in the seats.  Church is aimed at not giving the world what the world needs but giving the member what they want, which is often the Joel Olsteen, saccharin, plaudit, sayings which make Jesus and His Church look more like wimpy hippies than the divine organization it is.  In other words, Church becomes much like burger king: your way, right away, and not about God's way -- well maybe God can have His way, but only if it fits into MY WAY.  Moreover, who is going to go to church for one chip and an ounce of soda when there are groceries that have isles of these products?  

This commercial reminds me of the Green Book in C.S. Lewis' Abolition of Man where the writers of the Green Book are not only poor grammarians, which is what the book is said to teach, but also even poorer philosophers.  In this cases the marketers are not only poor marketers of a poor product (as Doritos and Pepsi max are not good products) but are also even poorer theologians, who can be marked up with the same lots who celebrate the Eucharist with cookies and milk. 

Also, why Christianity?  Why not have a  Muhammad proclaim the fast of Ramadan to be a Doritos and Pepsi Max fast?  Why not have a New Age pagan be given the a bag of chips from the mother goddess?  Why not replace the Matzoh at the Jewish Passover with ranch Doritos, Moses would be a great spokes person, considering Pepsi already makes a Kosher Pepsi? 

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Athanasis Contra Mundum said...

Definitely not what Jesus meant when he told Peter to feed His sheep. Its definitely a reflection of the low regard that our Protestant society holds the Last Supper.
I have to say though that this sort of thing happens so often to where I am no longer shocked.

Unknown said...

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