Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sexual Diversity and the Catholic Church

When people speak of "sexual diversity" one might mistakenly assume that "sexuality diversity" is slang for the diversity of sexual partners one might have over a life time or slang for the different sexual experiences to be had in the  Kama Sutra or slang for the differnt locals a person might be able to engage in sexual activity or even slang for the "spicing up" of a couple's sex life.  Still one might assume that "sexual" is used in the older sense in which 'sex' meant man or woman and in doing so mistakenly think "sexual diversity" is about the differences between a man and woman.  However, this is not the case.  When groups speak of "sexual diversity" it is often jargon for the promotion of a once forbidden taboo which is now to be pushed and forced upon the masses as a cultural norm in regards to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender sexual acts.

Those people who speak of sexual diversity fail to see a fundamental truth in the sexual intercourse between man and woman: it is, always has been, and always will be ineffably diverse.  Sex, for those individuals who promote the diverse kind, is reduced to a mere collision of body parts.  The soul, tossed out and ignored like last season's fads, is forsaken for the body and in doing so true diversity -- true sexual diversity is missed.  For what makes real diversity, the thing that makes every person an ineffable mystery of God, is not allow to take part in the conversation. 

As a result, diversity is limited to personal preferences, and in doing so, diversity undergoes a soft violence by means of the illogic of moral relativism -- that self defeating argument that states the only truth is that there are no truths.  The out come is the fortification of the credo of relativism, and no longer is virtue or truth sought. Instead, virtue and truth are replace by sentiments and pleasant platitudes.  Furthermore why exactly is sexual diversity limited to the human species?  One would expect that in the open mindedness of relativism and in the guise of diversity that other species, phyla, genus, and kingdoms would be invited to the table.  For what might the sea cucumber say on sexual diversity?  What might lion say on the issue of sexual diversity?  Why might the slug or chicken say of sexual diversity?  What might those who prefer cross species sexual diversity bring to the table?

The fact that two Catholic universities have to have a conference about the issues of sexual diversity based not on the teaching of the church but on how a gay, bi, transgendered person lives out being Catholic is ridiculous.  The Catholic church asks the same of all unmarried people whether they are gay, bi, transgendered, or straight.  Sexual acts and reserved for those who are married and have celebrated the sacrament of matrimony. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

To the Feeneyist Who Wrote Me an Anon Letter

To the Feeneyite who sent me the following letter insisting that there is “no salvation outside the Church” (extra ecclesiam nulla salus). That is, there is no salvation outside of the Roman Church established by Jesus Christ and the only means into that Church is by baptism.

What exactly this teaching means is often misunderstood when it is isolated from the entirety of Christian doctrine. The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this teaching simply: “it means that all salvation comes from Christ the Head through the Church which is his Body" (CCC 846).

Pius IX commented on this doctrine saying in 1854:
“We must hold as of the faith, that out of the Apostolic Roman Church there is no salvation; that she is the only ark of safety, and whosoever is not in her perishes in the deluge; we must also, on the other hand, recognize with certainty that those who are invincible in ignorance of the true religion are not guilty for this in the eyes of the Lord. And who would presume to mark out the limits of this ignorance according to the character and diversity of peoples, countries, minds and the rest”
Nine years later in 1863 Pius IX said:
“It is known to us and to you that those who are in invincible ignorance of our most holy religion, but who observe carefully the natural law, and the precepts graven by God upon the hearts of all men, and who being disposed to obey God lead an honest and upright life, may, aided by the light of divine grace, attain to eternal life; for God who sees clearly, searches and knows the heart, the disposition, the thoughts and intentions of each, in His supreme mercy and goodness by no means permits that anyone suffer eternal punishment, who has not of his own free will fallen into sin.”
In brief, though the Church in the world is the sacrament of salvation, God Himself is by no means limited by what He institutes. The ordinary means of salvation might be through the Church properly speaking, God can -- doing what He sees as fit by means of His omnipotence and omnibenevolence -- save others that are not a part of the Roman Catholic Church. Certainly, those of the Roman Catholic faith do have an easier means at which to attain salvation, provided they take advantage of all that Christ and God offered and established, than those outside of the Catholic Faith.

It must be remembered that the Church makes no official declaration on who is not saved. For we do not know for certain whether or not a person who preformed evil acts while alive is indeed in Hell or if they had a flash of repentance with their dying breath and accepted the grace of God.

The Church only makes proclamations on who is in Heaven and even then it is rare and only after a long process.
[Seriously, if you are going to write me a letter, at least leave a return address so I can write back.]
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