Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Educators More Sexually Abusive than Catholic Priests!?

The studies I've read on the subject say, "Yes.  Educators are more likely to abuse their students than Priests."  The major culprits are those who organize and moderate after school activities in which a student has a higher chance of being one-on-one with a teacher or coach after school hours.  Rarely does a week go by where I do not read a couple of stories about a teacher sexually abusing a student.

This guys synthesizes the data from various sources.

Be sure to check out the report done by the US Department of Education titled Educator Sexual Misconduct: A synthesis of existing literature (PDF file) from 2004.  It covers a time span from about 1987-2003.  The most interesting (to be read as "disgusting") section is the dirty laundry list extending 28 pages of Appendix I in which newspaper, news wire, and broadcast references are given, about 20 per page.  

 Now if only teachers didn't have to take vows of celibacy then maybe they wouldn't abuse their students and positions of power.  I shake my fist angrily at the United States department of education because they only allow men to be teachers.  If women were allow to be teachers then none of this abuse stuff would happen.  If only teachers were only allowed to get married.

h/t to Mark Shea.

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Foxfier said...

InterestedParticipant blog has a series of "women in trouble"-- mostly female school teachers assaulting their students.

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