Monday, August 15, 2011

The Assumption of Mary: Where's The Body?

I've been reading several articles on the assumption of Mary.  Most of which give a historical and or theological approach to the teaching of Mary "having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory."

I would like to throw this into the ring.  Where is Mary's body?  That is, the Catholic Church loves relics.  Relics, for those who do not know, are little bits (commonly bone, hair, or nails) of the deceased body of a Saint used in public veneration.  Relics serve as a reminder and remembrance of the holy people who have gone to their eternal rest (yes, there is biblical evidence for relics).  Through out history, Catholics have gone through great lengths to preserve the bodies and even rescued the bodies of Martyrs under pain of death so as to have relics of the faithfully departed.  Even greater length is had to ensure that all Catholic churches posses a relic of the saith with whose name the church bears.  So, if you attend Mass at St. John Vianney Parish, there should be a relic of St. John Vianney somewhere in the church.  Some churches even go as far as to have the ear of such and such a saint, the tongue of this saint, or the foot of another saint.

What do relics have to do with Mary's Assumption?  Only everything!  I've had the opportunity to see several relics of Mary; however, these were all second class relics (things owned and use by the Saint) .  None were actual pieces of her body.  That is because no first class relics of Mary's bones are known to exist.  The only first class relics that might be in existence are of her hair and breast milk -- yes there are a few places that say to have the milk that nourished Christ.  If Mary was not assumed into heaven and the doctrine of the Assumption was only created in 1950 by Pope Pius XII, then where are all the first class relics of Mary that should be in existence the previous 1949 years?  Where are the bones or bits of bones from the Theotokos?  Where is she buried?   No churches exist as shrines to her deceased body.  No pilgrimage routes have been made to the burial place of her body.  There are no keepers of the body that birthed Salvation.

If any Saint would have been broken up and spread to the ends of the Earth -- her foot here, her ear some place else, or he tongue there -- it would have been the Blessed Mother. She who gave a body to the God-Man. She who is more intimately united with Christ than any other person will ever be.  Yet, the annals are silent on the resting place of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the reliquaries are empty of the bones of the Mother of God.  Because her body is not here.

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