Friday, August 12, 2011

Speaking of Theology of the Body: Don't Over Sexualize it

Some of the Christopher West devotees might take issue with this but I've always critiqued the parts of Bl. John Paul's Theology of the Body that he over sexualized.  I'm sorry West, the baptismal candle being dipped in the baptismal DOES NOT symbolize Christ copulating with his Bride the church.  At that moment in the Liturgy, the the candle represents the Holy Spirit going out over the waters of creation.

Recently, a Vatican Official said:
The problem is that if you focus only on sexuality, you cannot develop beyond that level, that such beauty is a gift, something given to mankind by the Creator but within a much broader context. Attraction to the beauty of human sexuality and the human body is normal because it is true and real. What can become a problem, however, would be to regard human sexuality in a kind of mystical way. Pope John Paul II embraced no form of mystic sexuality. What the Blessed Pontiff did in fact say is that sexuality has a mystical perspective and dimension …  
There is a danger of vulgarizing here a crucial truth of our Faith that needs rather to be contemplated.

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The Ironic Catholic said...

Paul, I'm writing on this. where's the quote from?

Diane Korzeniewski said...

It originates at Catholic News Agency.

Here is the lead-in article:

Here is the full interview:

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