Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where'd the Blessing Go?

Flipping through the most recent "Book of Blessings" today at a local Catholic Bookstore, I discovered something that made me awfully sad.  The most current Book no longer contains the official ritual for the Blessing of Beer, which was contained in the older 1962 version.  I brew my own beer and am a big fan of the liquid bread.  I even have a copy of the blessing of beer on the door of my fridge, so that every time I pop open a beer I can pray the beer blessing.

The removal of the beer blessing got mean thinking.  What does it mean now that the blessing of beer has been from the roman ritual; after all, weren't Catholic monks part of the reason beer is so popular today?  Has the Catholic Church turned its back on on of its grates cultural achievements?  Have members of Mothers Against Drunk Driving infiltrated the ranks of the Catholic Church?  Is the removal of the blessing part of the so-called Protestantization of the Church?

Eh, it probably means nothing.  Till otherwise noted that I am doing something I should not be doing, I'll continue blessing my beer.


Father Cory Sticha said...

Fortunately, Pope Benedict has allowed use of the Roman Ritual of 1962, so the blessing of beer is permitted. Of course, it's only reserved to clerics, especially those who like to sample the object after it's been blessed.

Paul Cat said...

Thanks Father.

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