Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Un-Official OWS Hand Signals

Whatever you do, don't call them "spirit fingers."  The correct OWS is twinkles.  Just watch the video and learn the 7 hand signals for OWS.

I recently came across the un-official OWS hand signal book.  Here is a sampling of the OWS hand signals.  If you don't like this post, please down twinkles it.

Time to form and begin the drum circle. 

I slept till noon today, and I'm still tired.  Do you want to go to Starbucks and get a Frapachino?

I haven't showered in 7 days.  Do I stink?

Your drumming is righteous!

I am looking for a place to relieve myself.  AKA: The PeePee Dance
I respectfully agree to disagree with your opinion, but I will not tell you you are wrong as I know that the only truth is that there are no truths.

Lets wrap this up and get a pint at Ben & Jerry's.

Rocket Ship Pew.

Has anyone seen my watch?  It appears to have been redistributed.

The vegan and organic food you are serving is only so-so.
Who wants a body massage?

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