Friday, November 04, 2011

The X-Men Were Gay!?

According to some of the writers and directors of the recent X-Men movies, "mutant" was a metaphor for "gay."

From the Article:
Zach Stenz, one of the First Class screenwriters, explained ona Facebook comment posted in June: “I helped write the movie, and can tell you the gay rights / post-holocaust Jewish-identity / civil rights allegory stuff was put in there on purpose. Joss Wheldon designed the whole ‘Cure’s storyline in the comic books specifically as a gay allegory, and Bryan Singer wove his own feelings of outsiderdom as a gay man into the movie series. The whole ‘Have you ever tried NOT being a mutant’ coming out scene in X2 [released in 2003] is even particularly subtle, while it is effective.”

I've seen the X-Men movies, and I've read the comic books.  If the intention was to promote a gay agenda, they missed the mark.  Moreover, it seems strange saying this with the story line in the first movie where Magneto was attempting to turn the city of New York into mutants.  Were the directors and writers trying to say that a person can be changed into being gay a mutant but one cannot unchange from being gay a mutant?

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Foxfier said...

About the only time they were clear on it was with Iceman's family and the "Have you tried not being a mutant?!" line.

No more questionable than when lazy writers filed the serial numbers off of black vs white conflict from the POV of Hollywood... seeing as how mutants really are different, dangerous and some want to wipe out humanity, I sure wouldn't want to go that way!

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