Friday, December 30, 2011

But . . . I don't have time to pray

I have not met one Christians who agrees that prayer is not important.  In fact, most Christians I have met complain about not praying enough or not having time to pray.  Time is the issue at hand.  What is time?  Like Augustine, I find that I know exactly what time is until someone asks me, "what is time"?  We all have a finite amount of time -- a non renewable resource for ourselves.  What I do know is that when we take time out of our life to pray or be with another person, it is not mere seconds or hours we give.  It is a pice of our life we give away.

We complain about not having time in our day for those activities in our life that we know are important: prayer, church, reading scripture.  Time is the problem.  "If only there were more time in the day.  Then I would pray," we might say to ourselves.  As if it is time's fault that we don't pray.  As if time is preventing us from praying.  Yet, there are over 86,000 seconds in a day.  86,000 seconds!  Still we complain about not being able to take one second our of the day to say, "Thank you God."  Catholic writer, G.K. Chesterton called "Thanks" the highest form of thought.  Briefly, this is because the expression of gratitude is a realization that for what we are thankful is truly a gift.

Likewise there are 168 hours in our week.  WE sleep about 63 of those ourse which leaves us with 126 waking hours of our week.  Yet, we complain about having to give up one hour a week to go worship God in Church.  We moan and groan over giving up less than one percent of our week.

But, we can't be bothered now to pray.  There's another stupid cat video on YouTube.


W. Franz said...

My week has only 168 hours, but there is still enough time to pray ;-)

Paul Cat said...

Your right. Mine too. Must have been a typo.

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