Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who ever Said There isn't Anything Good on TV?: Sponge Bob and the 7 Deadly Sins

[Here is a little lesson I am planning for one of my classes.  I thought it would be an engaging way to teach the seven deadly sins to my students.  I've gathered the info from a couple of different sources.  Also, I think Wikipedia has some decent info on the seven deadly sins. At least as far as definitions and their relationship to Dante's Divine Comedy]



Anonymous said...


I am so borrowing this!!

With you Permission of course, otherwise, I won't!


ARGH! I Hate when I jump the gun!

You know what, forget it, I won't share it with people anyway.

Why can't I Ever have Ideas like this!!

I bet you I could! I could come up with an even better Idea!

But it would have to wait until I finish off this Devil's Food Cake!

Then, then...Oh, I know! I can sell the PPT to my Priest!!! Yeah, that's it! Then he can use it on Sunday!

So, umm, what do you say?


Paul Cat said...

borrow away, just tell others where you got it.

Allison said...

Sharing this widely.

Can you start working on other CAtholic teachings as the apply to cartoon characters? ;)

Theodore M. Seeber said...

Download link for the PPT? I love it. Want to use it with my special-needs son, who is having problems with the concept of sin.

Christi said...

Love your Prezi! How bout one on the Sacraments?

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