Thursday, June 28, 2012

How the HHS Mandate Can Help the Catholic Church

[sarcasm]The catholic church is really missing out on the benefits and opportunities that the HHS mandate is presenting it for increasing the size of its church.  Religious institute and organizations are exempt from the HHS mandate; however, the definition of a religious organization is very narrow: all or most of the employees must be of the same faith and must serve people of the faith that the organization says to be.  For instance, a catholic high school would have to have a catholic employees and have all catholic students.  Do you see where I am going with this?  

Simply require that all employees who are not Catholic get baptized in the catholic faith.  Keep a priest on hand and simply baptize all people who seek services from your organization.  If you get shot through the chest and are taken to Our Lady of Prompt Succor hospital, in order to receive treatment the person would have to be baptized into the Catholic fatih. 

This alone could be great in reforming the religious life, as we could have an entire corp of ems technitions who are ordained priests. 

After the baptisms, the hospital would then require the mystogogical period of learning and catechesis for a 40% reduction from medical expenses. 

Several years would pass and the country would be majority Catholic and catechized in what the catholic faith is and not simply what it appears to be.   

I fail to see how the HHS is really all that bad. [/sarcasm]

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