Why is it that if you don’t like something — say pasta or diet coke — everyone is ok with that, and your decision is justified by the simple fact that you don’t like it. You might even hear people support you for your decision by saying “That’s alright. It’s a free country. You live how you want to live.” Yet, why is it that if someone says they don’t like homosexuality they are immediately branded a homophobe without reason or explanation?

I personally don’t like stealing or murder, yet I would never call someone a steal-aphobe or a murder–phobe by the mere fact that they don’t like stealing or murder. I can’t wait till Coke starts demanding an apology for all those people who don’t like their drinks — all those coke-ophobes. Besides, why can’t a person still have a personal opinion about something?

Well, the Curt Jester has advice for people who are called homophobes for the mere fact that they disagree with homosexuality.