Abortion and Prohibition

Claim: Abortion cannot be legislated as it is too deeply rooted in the American mind. We do not need a new ‘prohibition’ by outlawing abortion.

Response: This is certainly a concern. America does not need a new prohibition. It is true that Alcohol is deeply rooted in American culture and the attempt to end drunkenness through prohibition with the addition of the 18th amendment to the constitution resulted in more evil than good. In other words, a plan with noble intentions backfired. So America now tolerates drunkenness because the alternative is most unfavorable.
As mentioned above, a new prohibition is a legitimate concern in outlawing abortion; however, the argument is weak. People are not barrels of rum, and the last I checked people do not have abortions as frequently as shots of rum. Also, where everyone can enjoy a good beer or a nice glass of wine, women are the only portion of the population that can enjoy an abortion. Also, I have never heard of a person who nightly, before going to bed, retires into one’s study for their nightly smoke and abortion to help them rest better. Nor have I heard of bums wandering aimlessly into clinics to receive an abortion so as to take away the pain. I have never heard of a person being addicted to abortions or having withdrawals for going longer than twenty-four hours without having an abortion, and the last I looked into it, there were no meetings for those people who might be addicted to Abortions. Perhaps then, abortion is not as deeply rooted in the American mind as people lead themselves to believe. Due to the fact that abortion is limited to a certain section of people and abortion is not taken advantage of as often as alcohol, this might be the reason that abortion is not and cannot be as deeply rooted in the American mind as proposed by the claim.
In regard to this issue, Americans must remember that there have been a number of moral issues through the course of history that were legally tolerated and deeply rooted in the American mind until outlawed, and what followed was certainly nothing more than growing pains until all the issues were worked out. Eventually, what was once the norm became the new taboo for the country. I think mainly of slavery. Besides being concerned with a new prohibition there should be an equal concern with a new slavery thrust upon a culture that might think otherwise but feels as if they have no choice in the matter.
Also, people cannot be afraid to do something because of what might happen. Being fearful of what might happen can be paralyzing for a populace and prevents people from doing what ought to be done. Who knows, what is feared of happening might not be the outcome of legislating and outlawing abortion.

Objection 1: Too many people believe abortion should be available.

Response: True, many people do have this belief. But the majority is not always right. Where two heads are smarter than one, two heads can also be dumber than one. One-million people screaming error are by no means smarter than the one person speaking truth. Consensus does not equal right. An ought cannot be derived by the majority. Though the government is there to pass laws for the country sometimes the government must pass laws that protect its people regardless of the national consensus. That is, the government might one day have to make an executive decision to protect the people from the people. This might be the case with abortion.

Objection 2: Legislating Abortion will result in back-alley abortions that are dangerous.

Response: The sad reality is that people are going to do what they want to do whether or not it is tolerated by law. Murder will always be, but because it will always happen is no reason to legalize a thing. Remember, even with the repeal of the 18th amendment by the addition of the 21st amendment, illegal use and production of alcohol still exists. That is, the 21st amendment did not eliminate all the moonshiners who still to this day break the law. Even though abortion is legal in American that does not prevent dangerous abortions or back-alley abortions form happening and to think otherwise is naivety. Just because something is legal does not mean that it is safe, right, or true. All that legality means is that it is tolerated by law. Legality makes no moral claims, but only states what is tolerable. Yet, it is true that the majority of Americans believe that because a thing is tolerated by law means that it must be a good, for why would the government allow something that is dangerous?