Do Something This Lent

Tired of Giving up stuff for Lent? Well, how about doing something extra instead, like giving up stuff for Lent. I always laugh on the inside at people who say that they are not going to give up something for Lent that instead they are going to ‘do something extra’. They seem not to make the connection that giving up something for Lent is doing something extra. Anyway, here are some suggestions of things to do/give up during Lent this year.

1. Take shorter showers.
2. Take Cold showers.
3. Drink only tap water for your beverages.
4. Sleep on the floor.
5. Don’t use a pillow this Lent.
6. Give up crooked politicians.
7. Give up Fast Food.
8. Shop Daily for your food at a local market.
9. Give up Beer or Bread (I’ve don’t both of these on different Lents….the bread one was difficult).
10. Pray the Rosary Daily for Peace.

Things we should already be doing as Christians (but wouldn’t hurt to kick it up a notch during Lent):
1. Serving others.
2. Helping the sick, dying, poor, or oppressed.
3. Being charitable in our actions towards others.
4. Not gossiping.
5. Avoiding the near occasion of sin.
6. Praying daily.
7. Taking advantage of the sacraments
8. Being great full (or thankful) at all times for all things.
9. Loving the world.
10. Doing all things for the Love of Christ.