Faux Conversation with Myself

I like to post an occasional story over at 100 Word Stories. The idea is that in 100 words or less you write a story, scene or something based off the theme of that day. Yesterday’s thems was “How did I wind up in this situation?” This is what I wrote:

I asked, “Self, what shall we do today?”

And myself responded, “How about the Pub?”

And I said back to myself, “The Pub is too noisy.”

“Then how about the country,” I asked back?

“The country is too quiet,” myself replied.

So myself said back to me, “To the theater!”

“The theater is too crowded,” I told myself.

“Then what shall we do,” asked myself?

“How about nothing,” I asked?

“Oh but doing nothing is hard work,” myself said back to me.

“But,” I said to myself, “I don’t mind working hard as long as there is none to do.”