Obama, What Have You Accomplished For Me Lately?

To be honest all I can say about the Republicans is that McCain served in the military for 20 years and Huckabee helped a lot of lower income families and people get health insurance.

On that note. Reasons not to vote for someone:
1. You like their personality.
2. They are a good orator.
3. They are male.
4. They are female.
5. They are black.
6. They are white.
7. They have catchy one liners.
8. They don’t hire enough women.
9. You think they are cute.
10. They relate to me.
11. They drive a cool car.
12. They are fluent in Orwellian New Speak.
13. Their husband was a former president.
14. You like their clothes.
15. They remind you of someone famous.

Having personal qualities are one thing, but what the politician plan to do with the country is something else. In other words, focus on the issues at hand and not on the person. If the person had no plan then they should not be considered. If they have a plan they maybe they should be listened to for at least a second or two.