How To Telly You Are Suffering From Litabutinitus

Litabutinitus is a spiritual deadly crippling disease, which if not treated properly will lead to spiritual staleness, post Vatican II Blues, and closure of an infected parish. The most common cause for the contraction of Litabutinitus is liturgical abuse. Here for the help of your spiritual health, the Pontifical Office of the Liturgical Police has released the new flier detailing some of the common symptoms of Litabutinitus.

Symptoms include but are not limited to:

An unquenchable thirst for the water of life even after attending mass.

A diminishing of your spiritual and moral conscience.

A feeling of spiritual hunger that drives you to fill said hunger with other less fulfilling foods.

Frequent urges to use the bathroom

An unusual fascination with all things left.

The loss of the ability, or even the inability, to pray in the Spirit(shehomeshoehomehoehsohjsmf).

A decreased desire to pray and do any spiritual thing.

(Readers, Fill in the Blank)