Theocoid over at Is My Phylactery Showing? sent me a random Meme.

Da rules:

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6 non-important things/habits/quirks about myself.

  1. I write about half of my blog posts by hand. (I just like the actual writing process with pen and paper)
  2. I’m on a quest to find a good writing pen. So far I’m very fond of a LAMY fountain pen. However, people look at me weird when I use it in a public place, so I just stick with my Pilot V5 when note taking in public.
  3. I’ll be at a Lenten-Lockin for the youth-group at my church parish tonight.
  4. It annoys me when I go on to a college campus or even just walk down the street and EVERYONE has their own little drum beat shoved in their ears. This annoys me because it makes it near impossible to say hello to the person you are passing or even acknowledge their existence beyond the unintentional eye contact they accidentally made while 10 feet in front of you. I don’t know, maybe it’s just that I am from the South. Although, it cracks me up when I pass the guy who feels the need to sing loudly along with the song he is currently listen to.
  5. I love hiking and backpacking in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  6. I was an avid runner (half-marathons, 10k, 5k etc.) till I tore cartilage in my hip playing soccer in June of 2006. I had surgery last year (it took 8 months and several doctors and PTs to determind that I did indeed have torn cartilage) and am up to running 2 miles non-stop. I am glad to be running again.
  7. (Bonus) I turned this in as a joke for an assignment in my graduate level Christian Doctrine class at Notre Dame. I didn’t think the professor was really going to accept it. I got an A.

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