Leagalized Abortions Means Back Alley Abortions!?

I thought that legalizing abortion was supposed to end back-alley abortions. Apparently it hasn’t. It’s kind of like how ending prohibition did not stop all the moonshiners from making their moonshine. From the Article: Some teens in rural America are now self-inducing abortions with chemicals intended to abort livestock, reports one of the nation’s oldest … Read more

Goethe on Love and Drink

I heard Notre Dame’s Glee Club preform last night at Holy Name of Jesus Church in New Orleans. Very impressive. Very good. One of the songs was by Felix Mendelssohn called “Drinking Song”. It was a quote from Goethe. The quote that Felix set to song is below. As long as a man is sober, … Read more

Biblical Studies from Yale

Ever wondered what gets taught at those fancy schmancy ivy league schools. That is, what gets taught beyond teaching the students how to speak in a funny off-but-not-quite british accent and how to tie sweaters around one’s neck before going to pick up Buffy to play a round of golf (or tennis)? Well, now you … Read more

NFP Chart for Mac iWork Users

I was searching for some new templates to use with iWork Pages. Yes, I do use and own a Mac, but I will spare us all from the Windows v. Mac argument — I think it is stupid. Anyway, I ran across this template for iWork uses aimed at NFP users. Clicking on the image … Read more

Is Atheism More Rational Than Theism?

This is an Interesting article I just found over at the Wall Street Journal. From the Article: On the “Saturday Night Live” season debut last week, homeschooling families were portrayed as fundamentalists with bad haircuts who fear biology. Actor Matt Damon recently disparaged Sarah Palin by referring to a transparently fake email that claimed she … Read more