Book Review: The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist

When Double Day told me they were sending me a book on exorcism, my initial reaction was “great, how bad is this book going to be?” However, to my complete surprise, The Rite, was an excellent read. Baglio, a journalist who was somewhat skeptical about exorcism, follows the training and education of a priest from California, Father Gary, as he learns how to be an exorcist while on sabbatical in Rome.

Rich in catholic theology on good, evil, angels, and demons, Baglio takes a level headed approach to his writing and investigation and expels many of the myths and overly dramatized production that Hollywood spins into tales of exorcism. In fact, many of the cases presented by Baglio as he follows Father Gary are quite boring where there is little more than escaping air from the exorcised to signify that the exorcism is finished.

As a person who teaches theology for a living, I recommend it to any who has a healthy and balanced interested in the subject of exorcism. It is on par with, if not better than, other books of its type – like Father Amroth’s An Exorcist Tells His Story.