Why I Don’t Do Yoga

Besides the obvious theological reasons, I don’t do yoga because I find it insulting to the real practitioners of yoga: those individuals devoted not just to the bending, stretching, and strengthening that the practice offers, but those also who are also devoted to the spirituality of yoga. Those who are trying to be yogis. Those … Read more

The Zombie Diaries

[With the ever increasingly popular vampire movies and books, mainly the Twilight series and the Vampire Diaries, I though I would begin working on my own tween horror/romance series.  It will be titled the Zombie Diaries and it will tell the story of the forbidden love between an adolescent girl and an a seeming horrific … Read more

Not Said By Jesus: Thanksgiving Edition

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and that everyone enjoys all the foods and football moderately well.  All things in moderation, except love.  As I cannot imaging a girl staying with a boy friend who writes her a love poem that begins: “How I love thee moderately.  Let me count the ways.  I love … Read more

Prayer Book Preface (rough draft)

[I’ve just about got the preface finished.  It is in rough form at the moment.  So far the prayer book is about 100 pages.  It is expected to be about 150 pages in length.  I put some of this on here already, but anyway, enjoy.] Preface In the course of his career at [JHS]  a … Read more

Open Book Quiz

[I think I’m safe in posting this.  I’m sure none of my students know I have a blog.  My class just finished studying what it means to be made in God’s image and likeness, so I thought I’d use a real life example of bad journalism and even worse theology to help my students learn. … Read more

The Undatables

Can’t find a date or stay in a relationship for any considerable length of time?  Constantly calling your friends complaining that you just can’t find a good guy or girl in your town?  Don’t know why?  Check that iPhone of your’s.  It could be that iPhone that is making you undatable.