The World’s population can fit comfortably in Texas

As a whole (water included) Texas has a square footage of about 7,488, 166,118,400. The current world population is in the neighborhood of 6.8 billion. (with an estimated groth of about 4 billion in the next 50 years) Divide the current world population into the square footage of Texas results in each person of the world having over … Read more

The Dilemma of a Catechist: If Football was Taught Like Theology

If Athletics were taught in the same manner as most of the Theological Sciences (on nearly all levels of education), there would be few, if any, professional athletes. For instance, if we taught students how to play football like many catechists teach theology, like an academic discipline, the process might look like the following: First, … Read more

Augustine on Facebook

I will be assiging to my students in the coming weeks a project on the Saints (not the NFL team).  One of the options is to make a fake facebook page on that saint in which you let others know about the Saint.  I try to show them a good example and a bad example.  … Read more

Top 10 Buzz words for youth ministry

1. Awesome2. Xbox3. Amazing4. Sooooooooooo (used as an intensifier often flowed by “awesome” or “amazing”)5. Think about it6. Crazy (used as an intensifier often flowed by “awesome” or “amazing”)7. Struggles8. Difficulties9. Um (or ah)10. Jesus is my friend

Young Jesus Chronicles

> Someone placed this cartoon in my inbox today. It is funny on a number of levels. Yet, it also misses the mark for some bible scholars as John is not one of the synoptic gospels.

Step Away from the Guitar and No One Gets Hurt

Mike from sent me a link to what he calls, “10 Unintentionally Hilarious Christian Music Video.”  Let me, say if there is ever a case for Christianity being a parody of itself, this is it. My 2 cents on a few of the videos: “Dogs of Glory” is downright creepy, but to think that … Read more