A Writing Assignment

I always like to ask myself, “What would I do or say if I were in his/her position?” After asking the question I would then go write about it to try and flush out my ideas and see if I would have done the same or done something other. So here is the latest question … Read more

An Exercise in Virtue

Virtue to develop: patience How to develop it: Blog or surf the internet using dial-up. Most web sites these days aren’t designed graphically anymore with dial-up speed in mind. Alas, so I will click a link and go make a sandwich.

Not Said By Jesus Sunday (Catch up)

Sorry, I have been a little away from the internet in New Orleans, LA over the holidays. So here are some this not said by Jesus for the Sundays that I have missed and one for this coming Sunday too. I’ll be on the road next Sunday so I won’t have access to the internet … Read more

A 6 Year old Speaks on Life.

According to my 6 years old cousin a person is old when their skin is wrinkled, their hair is white, and they are fat. Also according to my cousin, a person is pregnant if they don’t have silver/white hair and they are fat. If a fat person has silver hair they are just old.