Ask de Cajun Chef: de Trinity

Dear Cajun Chef,Can you explain to us the Holy Trinity? Oh mi yeah cher. But you know dat I am no theologian, yeah? I only know what I know. And what dis poor cook knows is food ami. So if de Holy Trinity is anything like food I make, as pastor Mike over down at … Read more

A Cheap and GREAT Note Taking Pen

How to save $200 and have a cheap Mont Blanc pen. Now you can’t use “I don’t have a nice writing pen” as the excuse for not writing the next great American novel. You too can now join the elite and snooty people who own Mont Blanc pens. In fact you will be better because … Read more

A Writing Assignment

I always like to ask myself, “What would I do or say if I were in his/her position?” After asking the question I would then go write about it to try and flush out my ideas and see if I would have done the same or done something other. So here is the latest question … Read more

An Exercise in Virtue

Virtue to develop: patience How to develop it: Blog or surf the internet using dial-up. Most web sites these days aren’t designed graphically anymore with dial-up speed in mind. Alas, so I will click a link and go make a sandwich.

Not Said By Jesus Sunday (Catch up)

Sorry, I have been a little away from the internet in New Orleans, LA over the holidays. So here are some this not said by Jesus for the Sundays that I have missed and one for this coming Sunday too. I’ll be on the road next Sunday so I won’t have access to the internet … Read more

A 6 Year old Speaks on Life.

According to my 6 years old cousin a person is old when their skin is wrinkled, their hair is white, and they are fat. Also according to my cousin, a person is pregnant if they don’t have silver/white hair and they are fat. If a fat person has silver hair they are just old.