Not Said by Jesus Sunday: 10 Talents

This week’s Sunday Gospel, got me thinking about the whole Occupy Wall Street Movement.  Of course, greed does not fit with the Gospel message, and neither does the sense of entitlement that is become the norm amongst parts of the younger generations.  It calls to mind what is written in Acts where all Christians received … Read more

Feed Your Flock: Potential Superbowl Commercial Blasphemous ?

The above is a possible Superbowl commercial for Pepsi and Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest.  My initial reaction is, “Clever, but how crass and low brow to trivialize the Body and Blood of Christ for a mere commercial.”  Now the commercial is not exactly focusing on Catholics, but with the use of ‘parishioners’ in the … Read more


I was going to make this myself from the ground up, but I found a website that did a decent job on it with out me having to go through all the trouble of fooling with Photoshop and Illustrator. The site is Thanks to Marc D. For the idea and showing me the website.