Would You Like Some Heterodoxy with You Discernment?

I attended a vocation discernment retreat this past weekend, sponsored by a local Serra Club, which was overall productive.  The second presentation for the weekend was on prayer, which was delivered by a Cenacle Sister (one of the many women’s religious orders the vatican is calling for renewal specifically for what she taught us).  Keep in mind, she is presenting a … Read more

Where’d the Blessing Go?

Flipping through the most recent “Book of Blessings” today at a local Catholic Bookstore, I discovered something that made me awfully sad.  The most current Book no longer contains the official ritual for the Blessing of Beer, which was contained in the older 1962 version.  I brew my own beer and am a big fan of … Read more

Prayer Book Preface (rough draft)

[I’ve just about got the preface finished.  It is in rough form at the moment.  So far the prayer book is about 100 pages.  It is expected to be about 150 pages in length.  I put some of this on here already, but anyway, enjoy.] Preface In the course of his career at [JHS]  a … Read more

On Prayer

[As mentioned in my previous post, I am in the process of editing a high school prayer book for the school at which I work.  I am currently working on a few into sections.  I’m thinking about adding this as part of the introduction.  I can’t go into too much detail as space is limited.] … Read more